Reading Room

Reading Room

One of my sisters asked that I make a miniature roombox for her, that is, one room showing something in miniature. I thought about what my sister might like and what I think represented something she spent a lot of time doing. It didn't take long for me to associate her with reading and I thought of making her a cozy room that would show what she likes and what she does:  A Reading Room.

So many times I've asked her, "What have you been up to?" Many times part of what she'd been doing was reading. It would usually involve fictional novels, but many times also involved researching different topics. She's very good at that.  Her comprehension is excellent and she's educated herself beyond her formal education.  

Last I checked, she still has the roombox, of course, but also did not make any changes to it. I thought she might want to but likes it just as it is. I was glad about that even though I would not have minded if she wanted to change it.

So glad to make this for one of my sisters!


BELOW ARE PHOTOS of the Reading Room.  When creating miniature roombox scenes and dollhouses, I buy some of the miniatures and make others.  Some of the photos below are captioned to note the things that I made.


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