80's Kitchen

80's Kitchen

In this miniature scene, I show the kitchen in which I grew up as it was when I was in my early 20's and still living at home and working my way through college. It was full of life. Not only used for cooking and eating, but it was also my stepfather's office, my mother's ironing room, our study with my four sisters and four brothers doing homework there at one time or another, a playroom, a game room, and even a place to sleep when our Mom wanted her newborn in a small crib next to her during the day.

We basically ate in shifts. There was never enough room for all of us to sit at the table. You would grab a plate, fill it with food from the stove or counter, and unless you were a baby or toddler, find a place to sit in the living room or even on one of the stairs leading to two of the bedrooms.

So many memories. It wasn't easy growing up with such a big family in a small house with not much income and other problems, but it's the good memories that I cherish and there are many to draw from. 

I loved making this roombox!


Completed Roombox

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