Grandma's Kitchen

Grandma's Kitchen

Sometimes, life is just... difficult. We live through things over which we have no control especially when we are children. Helplessness and sadness overtake us

Then there's Grandma's. Thank goodness. A place to feel special and loved... just because. A place where we can do no "wrong," and in that place is the person who hugs us a little longer than anyone else.

My Grandma was that grandma. To this day, I can see her smile and I long for the long talks we had about religion, family, movies, TV, and of course, advice about life. I would sit and listen to her, on and off, for a whole evening. There was no one else I paid this much attention to. It sometimes turned into preaching, which I normally didn't like.  But with Grandma?  It was okay.

Most of our talks happened in Grandma's kitchen. I loved going there. Being there. Sitting at the table eating sandwiches (with the good lunch meat from the butcher) and coffee cakes from an actual bakery. And the soda. If I returned empty soda bottles, I would get the deposit, 5 or 10 cents a bottle, and would buy more soda. We'd play cards, lots of games of Canasta.

Being so tired from things in my life, I would get to rest. My best naps were taken at Grandma's and I slept soundly when staying overnight. I felt safe there. Grandma would talk about how important it was to value God and religion in life and how her faith helped her. She seemed so strong to me and I believed it was God who made her strong because she prayed and had so much faith. I still believe this.

Before Granma passed away, she could no longer talk, but one of the notes she gave me said, "You're a good person. Live your own life." I believe she saw my struggles and knew this was probably the best thing to say to me.

I miss my Grandma but am grateful for the memories we shared.


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