70's Basement

70's Basement

In this miniature, I wanted to show a basement as it was in the 1970s. I was looking to capture the look and feel of hanging out in a friend's basement. I think it might have worked. It does look to me like the basements I visited in the 70s. No individual basement was exactly like this, but it does show a combination of things that were in many of them.

From the unfinished stairs, walls, and floors to the old couches, chairs, and rugs the feeling of being there begins to be captured. Then there's the stereo system, rock posters, laundry area, and stuff on shelves under the stairs and elsewhere.

I loved creating this! Many things were made and modified. I created the stairs and then the floor to make it look like concrete. The brick walls, afghan, and one of the rugs were created using Photoshop. I built the stereo cabinet and stereo system, the utility sink, and many smaller items were also created (e.g., paint cans, magazines, album covers, and an electrical box panel).


For this project's description, I'm including some progress photos which are good examples of how I proceed when making miniature roomboxes. This first photo shows the staging of the roombox using larger items so I get an idea of what can be included. The piece of paper had a drawing of the stairs and showed approximately how much floor space I would need between the wall and the couch. The washer and dryer set up the laundry area. As for the refrigerator, it was never used but did serve as a placement to set up another area of the basement. Following the progress photos will be more photos of the completed project.

Progress Photos

Completed Roombox


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