I'm a miniaturist and I created this site to show life experiences using miniatures. Also included are miniatures I made for others based on what they wanted to see.

I've always loved dollhouses and miniatures. I received my first dollhouse from my parents when I was very young. It was made of metal and shared with my sister. I don't remember playing with it much, but I do remember making roomboxes using shoe boxes, and cardboard for the furniture, when I was still a child.

Many years later, one of my aunts gave me a dollhouse. I didn't have time to work on it for a few years, but finally found something I wanted to make: a haunted dollhouse for my daughter. I worked on it for a few weeks before each Halloween over the course of 3 years. My daughter was young and loved Halloween. I think I made it mostly for her to see and displayed it for years as a sort of Halloween decoration.

Fast forward many years and I found myself getting interested (again) in miniatures while watching Facebook videos from the page Tiny Kitchen. The page showed food actually being cooked on a miniature stove. I shared it on Facebook and it started a conversation with one of my friends who then told me about dollhouse and miniature pages and groups on Facebook. I checked some out and loved what I was seeing, along with many tutorials, and thought, "I might be able to do some of this."

So I decided to start small and made the roombox Grandma's Kitchen shown on this website. I combined miniatures that I bought and a few things that I made along with using Photoshop to create the wallpaper and flooring. This combination of buying and making miniatures, using Photoshop, and learning from other miniaturists is what I use in my continuation of creating "Showing Life in Miniature."

To see some life experiences in miniature, continue visiting this site or see them on my Facebook Profile and Instagram where you can also contact me. Another way to contact me is through the contact form in the 'Contact' page of this website.

Did I mention how much fun it is to make miniatures?