Home Office Shed

Home Office Shed

When the "shutdown" began in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people started to work from home. For some, it meant making room on their dining table or working in their family room. This turned into the need to create their own home office. I had been wanting to make a shed based on Julie Warren's book Build a Garden Shed in 1/12 Scale and thought the idea of a home office in a shed would be a good application of her book. She also has tutorials showing how to make this shed on YouTube. The playlist for these tutorials can be found >>> HERE.

So here is the "Home Office Shed" that I made using both the book and the tutorial. I modified it so that the shed would have more windows and increased the length and width by one to two inches. I don't usually make the structures for my miniature scenes, so this was a challenge, but still enjoyed making it. The miniatures inside the shed were not based on Julie Warren's instructions. I scratch-built most of them and bought others. 

I visualized that the owner of this shed would be an office worker who spent much of the time communicating with others using the phone or computer but would also have the occasional customer or visitor. There is a place for at least two other people to sit for a face-to-face meeting or the owner could use the seating to take a rest from time to time. The coffee station includes a refrigerator below the counter to store beverages, cream for coffee, and other snacks.

Much learning and fun went into this project!

Below are photos showing a closer look at the individual miniatures and includes photos of the structure as a whole.


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