Haunted House

Haunted House

When my daughter was little, she loved Halloween. So it became similar to a big holiday for us when it came to decorations and dressing up.

My aunt had given me a dollhouse that opened in the front and it sat in my basement for a few years until I came up with the idea to use it as one more Halloween decoration. It is intended to be an early 1900s house that is haunted because the groom fell and died in the attic and the bride died from a broken heart.

For about 3 years, starting sometime in the late 90s, I worked on the house for about a month before Halloween. Most of the furniture is from a hobby store that was willing to sell me broken pieces.  Sound effects in the form of thunder and "ghost sounds" were added along with lightning. For example, there was a mat on the floor in front of the house and when stepped on, you would hear the "ghost sounds." The thunder and lightning were motion-activated.

So much fun added to an already fun time of the year!

HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS of the Haunted House.  This dollhouse has since been renovated... more on that later. 😊


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