Child's Dollhouse

Child's Dollhouse

One of my sisters bought a dollhouse at Goodwill for $5. She asked me if I wanted it, and I did, even though I wasn't crazy about the pink-colored theme. It sat in my basement for about two years while I was working on other miniature projects. I would often look at the dollhouse and wonder what I was going to do with it. One thought was that I would just give it away, as is.

Browsing through my miniature-related groups on Facebook, I came across someone who had rehabbed the same dollhouse, and I really liked it. It was redone as if it were a 1:12-scaled dollhouse. I don't know the intended scale for the original dollhouse but have guessed that it's between 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Seeing it with 1:12-scaled furniture inspired me to do the same. I did not make a copy of the project that inspired me, but I did remember that it used similar furniture that I already had or had used in prior projects.

I thought about it some more and realized that the furniture from the dollhouse that inspired me along with the furniture that I already had, could be played with. So I decided to make this dollhouse for a child and to donate it.

So much fun! I was able to use furniture that I had bought but no longer planned to use. Plus there was the possibility that a child would appreciate receiving a nice gift. The dollhouse did end up going to the grandchild of one of my friends. She loved it. I had sent a picture of the dollhouse to my friend and she mentioned to me that when she showed her grandchild the photo and let her know that she was going to get it, her grandchild "teared up" and said it was, "Beautiful." That meant more to me than if I had sold the dollhouse. Truly "priceless." 💖

Completed Project

Dollhouse Before Rehab

Dollhouse after Rehab


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